-Medium: Sound Art in CD format
-Date of realization: November 1997- February 1998.
-Place of realization: Madrid-Cuenca, Spain.
-Duration: 5 Min.

The only-sound version of What do apples sound like? came out in May 1998 in the third issue of R.A.S. (Sound Art Magazine), published by the C.D.C.E. (Center Of Experimental Creation) located in Spain and founded and directed by Jose Antonio Sarmiento.

This issue was comprised of historic sound documents as “The war of the worlds” by Orson Welles, “Erratum Musical” by Marcel Duchamp or “the speaker” by novel prize Ramon Gomez de la Serna as well as sound works of recognized international artist as Jacky Apple, Christina Kubisch or Rilo Chmielorz.

Cover, Disk Label and Booklet for RAS issue number 3