Installation v.01

-Medium: Visual and sound interactive installation.
-Materials: Steel, bronze, DVD surround system and electronic components.
-Size: bronze apple + stand (user control device): 16 inches diameter X 63 inches height, exhibition space: variable.
-Date of realization: 2003.
-Place of realization: New York.

"What do apples sound like? V.01” is an audiovisual interactive installation that incorporates touch sensors, microcontrollers, DVD technology with multi-angle capability and surround system. The realization of the piece was partially financed by the Spanish Government.
The user control device comprised by a replica made out of bronze of the virtual apple in the screen allows the user to choose and combine in real time the six possible sound lectures of the apple (from top to bottom, left to right, back to front and vice versa)

"What Do Apples Sound Like?" V.01 at OOH Show, Gijon, Spain

Diagram of "What Do Apples Sound Like?" V.01