Installation v.02

-Medium: Visual and sound interactive installation.
-Materials: Vinyl sheet, light sensors, DVD surround system and electronic components.
-Size: vinyl sheet (user control device): 50 X 50 inches, exhibition space: variable.
-Date of realization: 2004.
-Place of realization: New York.

In the version 0.2 of “what do apples sound like?” installation the user control device is a light mandala projected onto the floor by a customized slide projector. It allows the user, by placing himself on one of the seven light circles comprising the mandala, to choose the axis or combination of axis the apple will be interpreted along.

In the center of each color circle there is a light sensor (a small photocell), which is triggered by the shadow of the user, once him or her enter the light shape. Each sensor is connected to the controller box (microprocessor), which controls the DVD Player Pioneer that sends the video and audio signal to the image projector and the stereo amplifier comprised in the installation.

Diagram of "What Do Apples Sound Like?" V.02

"What Do Apples Sound Like?" V.02 at location One Gallery in New York

Detail of Light Mandala (User Interface)