Blue Flower Studio is an Art studio based in New York that specializes in New Media Art and Public Art.

Blue Flower Studio is a collaborative group of Artists, Engineers, Fabricators and Programmers leaded by Federico Muelas that specializes on commissioned Art projects incorporating cutting edge technology for private clients, companies and public entities. Our body of work ranges from Public Art pieces to Ephemeral Art Installations as well as Video-mapping based pieces, small format pieces, audiovisual creations and 3D printing objects.

The "Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit" is a Do_It_Yourself toy that includes all the parts for assembling a Robotic Butterfly and growing a sanctuary made of milkweed, the only plant in the world used by Monarch Butterflies to lay their eggs.

-Introduces Kids to the Art of Electronics at an early age
-Promotes Gender Equality on STEM fields
-Encourage kids to take part in Nature Conservation

With the Monarch Butterfly survival kit​ young scientists will learn the basic concept of ElectronicsRobotics and Electricity by building a Solar Powered Robotic Butterfly that flaps its wings using muscle wires (AKA shape memory metal alloy) and a circuit based in the popular (and young engineer’s favorite) 555 timer chip.

They will also learn about the importance of Gender Equality in STEM fields. Ruby, the main character in the instructional comic book, is a supper smart nine-years-old nature lover and a science enthusiast that will guide us step-by-step with the help of STEM heroines such as Rachel Carson, Alice Hamilton and Jane C. Wright among others.

Passage, Mural

Blue Flower, Public Art Installation

Dripping Sounds, Installation

Sonic Graphite 2B (SG2B), Interactive Installation

Water Traces, Installation

Book Of Matches, Interactive Installation

The Blue,5K Experimental Video

NY Well, Ephemeral Installation

What Do Apples Sound Like?, Interactive Installation