Since I started teaching electronics 12+ years ago I find myself explaining my students over and over how an specific component look like before they can go digging in the electronics cabinet, “a bicolor LED? it looks like an LED but it has three legs instead of two and make sure it doesn’t have four, those are RGB LEDs” or “What you put in your breadboard is not a 555 chip but an Or Gate chip, see how it has fourteen pins instead of eight?”.


So I finally decided to draw this TABLE OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, in which I hand drawn the 25 most commonly used electronic components with their corresponding names and symbols and I grouped them in seven different categories; Switches, Power Sources, Magnetic Inductive Devices, Semiconductors, Capacitors, Display Technologies and Resistors.


I printed and framed a couple of large posters to hang in the classroom, so now I just need to point to the posters when they ask how a specific component looks like.


I hope you all also find this table useful.