The Easter Electro-Egg

Last Easter we decided to “Spike thing up” and to do an STEM Easter Hunt so we asked Professor Scatterbrain to create an Easter Electro-Egg. The Professor not only delivered a great contraption but also temporally transformed his loyal assistant Mr. Multimeter into the Easter MultiBunny.

For this activity you’ll need:

  • An LED (light Emitting Diode)
  • A 3-volt button battery (a C2032 will do the job)
  • A small magnet
  • A felt shape (for decoration)
  • A bit of tape

One Easter Electro Egg - $4.00

Half-a-dozen Easter Electro Eggs - $24.00

And you’ll be creating:

  • An Easter Electro-Brooch 
  • An Easter Electro-Lantern (perfect for night Egg Hunting activity)
  • An Easter Electro-Fridge Magnet

I’m sure you can find all the parts in your local electronics and hardware store. You may even have most of the parts lying around at home already!
Click HERE to download the printable comic to put together your project.

or if you prefer buy all the parts neatly pack in Glow-In-The-Dark plastic eggs in our ETSY STORE


Happy Egg Hunting