Teaching Electronics with Comics

"Teachers can introduce popular culture into their classrooms easily and effectively through comics. Comic books have been a vital part of American popular culture for the last century". (Gene Luen Yang, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature)

The "Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit" is a Do_It_Yourself toy that...

  • Introduces Kids to the Art of Electronics at an early age
  • Promotes Gender Equality on STEM fields
  • Encourage kids to take part in Nature Conservation

 With the Monarch Butterfly survival kit​ young scientists will learn the basic concept of ElectronicsRobotics and Electricity by building a Solar Powered Robotic Butterfly that flaps its wings using muscle wires (AKA shape memory metal alloy) and a circuit based in the popular (and young engineer’s favorite) 555 timer chip.

They will also learn about the importance of Gender Equality in STEM fields. Ruby, the main character in the instructional comic book, is a supper smart nine-years-old nature lover and a science enthusiast that will guide us step-by-step with the help of STEM heroines such as Rachel Carson, Alice Hamilton and Jane C. Wright among others. 

The “Wonderful World of Electronics” is an ongoing educational project to introduce kids and teenagers to the art of electronics using a novel friendly format; DIY electronics tools and fun exercises complemented with educational comics in which old-timer nutty professor Scatterbrain and his associate Multi, a Multimeter low in batteries and brainpower, explore with the reader the many aspects of basic electronics and explains step-by-step how to assemble the circuits and fun exercises they propose to the reader.
“I have more than a decade of experience teaching electronics to kids and adults of all ages, at Grad and Undergrad levels as well as in workshops and after school programs, and one of the main purposes of my educational program is for the student to overcome the fear of working with electronics (...) I see a future in which kids and youths use electronic components to build the product of their imagination the same way they use plastic bricks to assemble Legos nowadays. And I hope this project can help make that happen” Federico Muelas (Professor Scatterbrain’s alter-ego and creator of the Wonderful World of Electronics)