Art Inventory Two


Three mirrors at an angle of 60 degrees of each other create a prism that reflects ad infinitum the image of a wrinkled one dollar bill.

The prism is hermetically sealed and visually impenetrable from the outside, the only opening is a peep hole on one of the sides, through which the visitor can have a partial view of the ironically luxuriant illusion

Title: Kaleidoscope
Place and date: New York, 2012
Materials: Acrylic, First Surface Mirror, Lenses and one Dollar bill
Size: 8 1/4" Width X 9 3/4" Height X 7" Depth.
Artist: Federico Muelas
Price: $4,750


When the project “What Do Apples Sound Like?” launched in 1998 with the only-sound version featured on RAS CD Magazine Federico Muelas had to produce a 3D model of a real apple.

Back then the dawn of 3D technology enclosed many promises but the tools were yet quite rudimentary, there was no 3D scanners or 3D printers, and 3D programs were still highly unsophisticated.

Therefore to accomplish this project Federico Muelas had to manually decode the volume of the apple for the computer by cutting the apple on seventeen longitudinal sections, making imprints on graph paper using watercolor and introduce the spatial values by hand.

These are the original imprints made on 1998 by Federico Muelas. He considers this piece to be the beginning of his transition from the traditional media into his technology-aided body of work.

Title: What Do Apples Sound Like? Prints
Place and date: Madrid, Spain 1998
Materials: Graph Paper, Watercolor and Graphite.
Size for each print: 15” X 11 ½” (drawing), 20 ½” X 16 ½” (framed).
When the series of 6 prints is arranged on a 3x2 assemble the piece is 75” X 37 ½” approx.
Artist: Federico Muelas
Price: $15,000

Apple's first and second sections

Apple's third to fifth sections

Apple's sixth to eighth sections

Apple's nineth to eleventh sections

Apple's twelfth to fourteenth sections

Apple's fifteenth to seventeenth sections


Prior to the “Book Of Matches” interactive installation Federico Muelas produced a interactive DVD in which the user could select, by using the complex and massive matrix that consitutes the main menu on the DVD, any match to start burning the book from as well to access the exact moment in which each one of the matches started burning on any of the ten sequences (parallel realities).

Some of the sequences are shown in slow motion or backwards to emphasize the dramatic aspect of its content.

“Book Of Matches” interactive DVD is an edition of 25

Title: Book Of Matches Interactive DVD, edition of 25
Place and date: New York, 2001
Medium: Multimedia interactive work (DVD format).
Artist: Federico Muelas
Price: $1,750


Smoke & Drops DVD explores the idea of synesthesia (a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway).

For this piece the visual information taken by a camera of a smoke row and several liquid substances (ink, milk and pigment) expanding into water was processed by a computer in order to generate a MIDI Score. The movement and the density of each element define the information units in the score.

The values in the MIDI score are simultaneously interpreted along with the video image allowing the viewer to establish a correspondence between what he/she perceives through his/her eyes and ears.

“Smoke & Drops” DVD is an edition of 25

Title: “Smoke & Drops” DVD, edition of 25
Place and Date: New York, 2001
Medium: DVD format, NTSC
Duration: 4 min 1 sec.
Artist: Federico Muelas
Price: $1,750