-Title: Passage
-Medium: Compressed Charcoal on Paper, Mural
-Size:18’6″ W x 7’3″ H
-Year of completion: 2015

“Passage” is a large format mural, made out of compressed charcoal on paper.
This piece was inspired by the passing of my father, Mario Muelas, an acknowledged Spanish architect who died few
days before I started working on the mural in January 25th 2014.

The idea for “Passage” germinated last summer when spending time at the east coast of Spain, in
Malaga, where you can admire the stratums in the cliffs of the Prebetic Mountain chain by the sea.

They show a series of layers of sedimentary rock of different colors and compositions in which the
morphological accidents created by environmental events are exponentially emphasized as the layers
are arranged one on top of another.