Sonic Graphite 2B (SG2B)

-Title: Sonic Graphite 2B (SG2B)
-Authors: Federico Muelas and Terry Dame
-Medium: Interactive Installation
-Size: 20' x 12'
-Year of completion: 2014

SonicGraphite/2B (SG2B) is an interactive sound installation and collaborative public art piece. By drawing on the wall with any of five specially wired graphite bars visitors simultaneously create their own unique sound composition while contributing to a large evolving collaborative artwork.

Each wired bar is associated with a central graphite dot. When the graphite bar is brought in contact with the hub it completes a circuit. As lines are drawn outward from the hub, streams of voltages are generated based on how far from the central dot the line is drawn, how thick the line is etc. These voltages are sent to a microprocessor, which translates the data, sends it to a computer with digital audio capability where it is mapped to trigger various musical and sound elements.

Using data sonification techniques SonicGraphite/2B translates the act of creating a work of art into an artwork of its own. Visitors visually react to and build upon what previous participants have drawn. As they draw, sounds are triggered which influence their own visual contribution adding to a continual feedback loop of stimulation, generation and interactive creative flow.

SonicGraphite/2B is an interdisciplinary generative system, a revolving loop of creative action and reaction.

Human interaction with technology is an act of disruption in itself. We disrupt the flow of electrons or bits of digital information with every interaction. However every rupture creates a new path, a break in the normal flow creates a new course - disruption leads to the creation of something new.

SonicGraphite/2B explores the cycle of disruption and creation within the context of creating an interdisciplinary artwork. A person draws in response to what they see already drawn, in the process they trigger sound. They draw again in response to what they hear and trigger more sound setting a feedback loop of creation-reaction-disruption in motion.

SonicGraphite/2B celebrates disruption as a positive creative force, as an integral part of the creative process, as an act of creation unto itself. SonicGraphite/2B is a revolving loop of creation and reaction. Reaction is a form of disruption; disruption is an act of creation.