The Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit is a Do-It_Yourself fun toy that…

  • introduces Kids to the art of electronics at an early age
  • promotes gender equality on STEM fields.
  • animates kids to take part in nature conservation.





The kit includes all the parts for assembling a robotic butterfly and building a circuit board to bring it to life and control its motions.


The kit also contains materials for growing a sanctuary made of milkweed, the only plant in the world used by Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs.




Young scientists will learn the basic concept of electronics, robotics and electricity by building a robotic butterfly that flaps its wings using muscle wires (AKA shape memory metal alloy) and a circuit based in the popular (and young engineer’s favorite) 555 timer chip.


The kit includes milkweed seeds that are designed to germinate in the floral foam packaging inside the tin box. 

The tin box has three different functions, first it is the packaging that keeps your survival kit neat and protected until you receive it at home, then it serves as a temporary greenhouse for you to germinate the seeds (note the convenient windowed lid) and last it is the waterproof container that will protect your assembled circuit and the solar panel when you’re ready to put your butterfly outside.

As you can see nothing gets discarded with this green-designed product.  

Step 1: watering the seeds
Step 1: watering the seeds

Step 3: getting your robotic butterfly ready to live outside

Step 2: waiting for the seeds to germinate

Step 4: transplanting germinated seeds and waiting for migrating butterflies to populate your sanctuary

Take Action!



When it comes to studying STEM subjects at school, girls and boys perform equally well. Unfortunately, this parity doesn’t always carry over into the professional world where there is a significant gender gap in the science and technology workforces.


Today, women hold only 27 percent of the jobs in computer science, and 14 percent in engineering.

One reason is the lack of female role models in STEM fields to encourage more girls to study math and science.   Many women are deterred from entering the STEM workforce due to outdated stereotypes that still exist today. From toys that are targeted at boys to portrayals of STEM professionals in the media, women are led to believe that there is no place for them in this field.

As parents we should work hard to encourage our children from a young age to follow their academic goals regardless of gender stereotypes and encourage them to follow their dreams.


With the “Monarch Butterfly Survival Kit” project I want to inspire girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The kit comes with a 20 page comic in which Ruby (my seven years old Daughter’s alter ego), a super smart and stubborn young scientist and tenacious guardian of nature determined to save the world one butterfly at a time, gives step-by-step instructions to complete the project.


"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children." ~ John James Audubon


I do believe that now is more important than ever that we raise environmental awareness and develop eco-sustainable behavior in kids at an early age so they become the global environmental citizens of the future.

I chose the Monarch butterfly for this kit because it plays a crucial role in our ecosystem and is in danger of extinction because of climate change and loss of habitat due to the use of pesticides for GMO crops.  


I need your help and support to make this project happen. Starting May 9th please donate or share this project.    

Thank you

Federico Muelas (A.K.A Professor Scatterbrain Alter Ego).